Tales of the Tuatha ( chapter 22)

A Dream Returning

Shimmering Cove

Through misted eyes and with a heart both heavy and elated Niamh recognized Bran running toward her and in this moment she didn’t care if she was dreaming or not! His hair shone red like Aine’s mare and his feet barely touched the ground.  His face broke like morning, and there it was –  the smile that made the shadow demons flee; the smile that had once made everyone want to be his friend!

He stood before her in the shimmering light of the estuary , his hair bursting with brilliant flashes.  Oh Bran, she cried, I’ve missed you so!


Toss the Feathers

the hills of Perth and Kinross

Hills of Perth and Kinross

Background:  For more  of Bran’s story chapters 6 & 7