Cee’s Edges Challenge

Cee’s fun photo challenge: things with edges


Prickly Sea Holly to World Cup FIFA. Well, I seem to have combined a bit of Cee’s bokeh tips with the edges

Edges that hurt

sea holly2
Prickly Sea Holly


Silver edges

Edging of Leaves against the forest
Edging of Leaves against the forest

The Grave’s Edge

“memento mori”  remember you will die

 Church yard at the Palace at Scone Scotland
churchyard at Scone Palace in Scotland

Edges of Hedges

Edges of hedges
Maze at Scone Palace, Perthshire

The edge of victory – Go Italy!! -World Cup

Forza Italia!! Flag edges
Forza Italia!!


For any  interested in  my travels in Scotland and Ireland they are here: Gateways & Journeys 

or  my Tales of the Tuatha

 PS: Oh, excuse me!! – I just had to add a bonus one from another post- (one day I’ll do just one entry!!)

The chasm’s radiant edge

the chasm
the chasm

27 Comments Add yours

  1. Peter Nena says:

    A compelling collection.


  2. Maria F. says:

    All of them so nice!


  3. As for England’s football team … despite all the hype, they’re quite hopeless.
    I like your edge pictures. Haven’t done one of Cee’s challenges yet. Must get around to it.


    1. the challenges are fun. Perhaps Rugby is a better English game!!? Thanks Sarah!!


  4. Wow, Cybele, I must say I love these photos. They are so varied and each one is beautiful (and edgy!) in its own right.


    1. thank you Linda!! Glad you stopped by!


  5. Ann says:

    These are gorgeous! I especially like the B&W leaves photo.


    1. thanks Ann!! I rather like that one too though it’s a bit different! I appreciate your comment!!


  6. Leanne Cole says:

    I really like that first edge Cybele and the gorgeous colour.


    1. thanks Leanne. It is an odd flower one of the thistle family, stiff and sharp but the butterflies love it. https://cybeleshineblog.wordpress.com/2014/05/08/tales-of-the-tuatha-chapter-15-of-the-100-word-tales/seahollybutterfly3d/


  7. imexcited says:

    Lovely photos!


    1. thanks so much for stopping by!!!


  8. Cee Neuner says:

    These are great edges. I like the maze best though. Thanks for playing 🙂


    1. thanks Cee, I love that one too, it was even more daunting finding your way through it!!


  9. Elizabeth says:

    Beautiful photos, the first one is really spike!


  10. O…really beautiful edges Cybele, perfect for Cee theme. Forza Italia 😀


    1. thanks Della!!!! and for the cheer!!!


  11. Amy says:

    Beautiful photos. Go Italy!!!


    1. yay, another Italian football fan! Thanks Amy, Cee’s challenges are fun!


      1. Amy says:

        I forever love Italy! Have been Italy only four and 1/2 times 🙂


      2. I have relatives there on my Dad’s side. I love it to!! But also Ireland and Scotland where we also have relatives.


      3. Amy says:

        I fell in love with Italy when I studied Renaissance in high school; then I study a little more in college. 🙂


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