Cee’s Edges Challenge

Cee’s fun photo challenge: things with edges


Prickly Sea Holly to World Cup FIFA. Well, I seem to have combined a bit of Cee’s bokeh tips with the edges

Edges that hurt

sea holly2

Prickly Sea Holly


Silver edges

Edging of Leaves against the forest

Edging of Leaves against the forest

The Grave’s Edge

“memento mori”  remember you will die

 Church yard at the Palace at Scone Scotland

churchyard at Scone Palace in Scotland

Edges of Hedges

Edges of hedges

Maze at Scone Palace, Perthshire

The edge of victory – Go Italy!! -World Cup

Forza Italia!! Flag edges

Forza Italia!!


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 PS: Oh, excuse me!! – I just had to add a bonus one from another post- (one day I’ll do just one entry!!)

The chasm’s radiant edge

the chasm

the chasm