Tales of the Tuatha – chapter 21 of the keep it sweet and short tales

The Dream of the Dragon’s eye


Niamh finally reached the dark island. A moonbeam hit the rocky shore and ignited a small stone into a glowing star. She instantly recognized it as the dragon’s eye, thieved by the clever Raven. When she  picked it up, the moon and stars fled. This dream was powerful!  

sunlight daisies

Overcome with weariness she sat on a mound of wind-eyed daisies and watched Aine’s red sunrise. A stream spilled into the cove in soft satin billows and a fierce eyed heron hunted the marsh. The roaring whispers of trees grew louder. What were they saying?

Suddenly someone was running along the embankment


The Mist Covered Mountains of Home- the Rankin Family– oh chi chi mi na morbheana “Hail to the mountains, hail to the green grassy  hills and the forests….”



Background:  The song is the Gaelic Oh chi chi mi na morbheana  sung by the Rankin Family of Nova Scotia.