More Monochrome moments

this is my submission this week to Leanne Cole and Laura Macky‘s Monochrome Madness

I haven’t been feeling well this last while (but I’m getting better) and not out much taking photos so I took an old one and reworked it. This place is burned into my imagination and all views of it and the mystical Orkneys remain with me and inspire me!

Curve of Brodgar

the curve of Brodgar

coloured version is here

Night Bird by Deep Forest

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In the Jaws of Kukulkan

A few more

Here is a bird I haven’t identified from Central America  and though I call him Night Bird I took this photo  at dawn and also one of another more sinister companion of the lagoon. The rest are taken close to home on a neighbouring and less menacing lagoon. I love herons, as to me they look like ancient pterodactyls.


On the bay was taken two years ago with a little Kodak EasyShare (!! then I got a real camera) and there is some distortion on the pier but I liked it anyway.  I used filters in photoshop for a dreamy effect.  Night bird and dinosaur were taken with a Canon Powershot and I used the pinhole effect in photoshop.