Cee’s Fun Photo Challenge- Water

Thank you Cee – a wonderful subject

We have plenty of this on and surrounding my beautiful island (Vancouver Island). Water presents in many forms from dew drops to rain drops,  to streams and vast oceans, it’s essence changeable, into ice , mist, steam and liquid.  Water drips, flows, splashes, laps, diffuses, vapourizes.  The best place for dreaming is beside water, on a beach or by a stream.  We would not exist without water.  Our cells contain water. Spiritual grace is symbolized by water!

It’s a cold swim in the waters of the Pacific North West but at the same time,salt water emits negative ions which supposedly neutralizes all the stressful energies so, as the good weather approaches, grab a picnic basket and head out to the beach. And as Bruce Lee said , “Be like water!”

( So many!! – I had to finally plug the dam and stop the flow.   A few of these photos though recent, are reposts.)