Tales of the Tuatha ( chapter 19 of the keep it sweet and short tales)

 wherein Niamh encounters the raven thief again

 “for I am a wild and a lonely child.”

tree film2gold

The children were gone.

Niamh cradled the pouch wearily, – four dreams yet to find! The island beckoned in the distance. The dying sun was falling from the sky as luminous light bled out between the shadows of the late afternoon.

Some ravens were foraging beside a tree.   One looked at Niamh and cawed loudly. At the sound another appeared from the forest and flew along the shore. She followed and watched as it alighted on a small curach* hidden behind some rocks.  It was the same raven who stole the dragon’s dream eye, and he still held it in his beak!


the children of darkness- (a folk song) Richard and Mimi Farina

ailsa craig colour

Background:  A curach is a wood ribbed vessel covered in animal hides that along with the coracle, a round woven boat  has probably  been used since the bronze age.

The photo is one that I took of the island  of Ailsa Craig in the Irish Sea  when I crossed over from the port of Cairnryan, Scotland to Belfast. This  remote piece of real estate has been for sale and I’m not sure if it has been taken yet by any would be developer.