More haunted wanderings

For all  ghostly lovers of light and shadow and anything else

craigdarroch castle
Craigdarroch Castle 

( see background)

Be still, wandering soul,

my breathless companion

of the journey.

Take a moment

to inhale

the fading light,

as the pining shade of Poe,

in hungry waiting meets

another lonely traveler,

in a dream within a dream

water and light

Flickering shades of the garden

More of The  Gardens

Background: Victoria’s famous Craigdarroch Castle and grounds are up on the hill in the Fairfield area. Built by Scottish coal baron Robert Dunsmuir in the 1800’s for his beloved wife it is now a museum. The last remaining Dunsmuir,  a grand daughter, died in the early 60’s of acute alcoholism, a rather sad ending to what had been for many years a vibrant family dynasty.

On Hallow’s eve every year the Craigdarroch Society recreate wonderful interactive stories by Edgar Allan Poe. One year the castle presented The Fall of The House of Usher and fortunately it didn’t fall down though the sound effects were deafening. As I mentioned before the castle is reputed to be haunted.

(Some gardens photos are from the grounds of the Lt. Governor’s mansion which is almost next door to the castle.)

Reminders: I usually load a back pack and take off as the spirit moves but……..I must try not to forget to bring my tripod on photo excursions for any long exposure shots!! Remember to wipe any smudges off the lenses especially for black and white shots!

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  1. DG MARYOGA says:

    Superb work Cybele!Fabulous castle and garden photos with appealing light creating the mood!Thank you for the story behind it all and the references to the captivating interactive stories that take place there!It’s thrilling,indeed 🙂 xxx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. yes the stories within the images are so compelling!!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. DG MARYOGA says:

        That’s the Art of Photography,then,dear Cybele 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Wonderful pictures. I love going to plays and performances of one kind and another in atmospheric settings. Sometimes they do outdoor performances of Shakespeare plays in National Trust Gardens. And I once attended a play at a theatre built out of the side of a cliff in Cornwall. It was windy and raining at the time, but terribly exciting.


    1. thank you Sarah! and yes, me too!! I love innovative theatre.


  3. lizziegudkov says:

    Fantastic photos! And great story-material too!!


    1. yes, Lizzie!! thank you!!


  4. Love these photos and what you’ve done with them! Beautiful! 🙂


  5. Maria F. says:

    Beautiful, so mystical!


  6. Beautiful techniques, shadow and light both are gives us inspiration. I love it them. And precious words too, superb work Cybele!


    1. thanks so much Della!! I love that late afternoon light as I’m sure most photographers do!!


  7. YorkshireRascal says:

    A beautiful series of photographs I can’t really pick out a favourite but the “Shades of infrared” comes close


    1. thank you Mitch!! I am enjoying IR photography these days!!


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