Tales of the Tuatha (chapter 18 of the keep it sweet and short tales)

The Butterfly’s Deliverance

deep forest

More Dreams of the Deep Forest

Niamh’s eyes closed and she lay back wearily. In the dream mists the black swan from the cavern river appeared and offered to take her to the island.  She was stepping forward to accept when she noticed the butterfly on the ground doing battle with a wasp and trying to avoid being stung. In pity she knelt and brushed away the would be killer. The butterfly looking worse for wear, clung fast to her finger.  In a sudden realization she stepped back and the swan hissed malevolently. If she went with him now she would never awaken!  The butterfly nodded and took wing.


Night Bird by Deep Forest


Background: The Finnish composer Sibelius wrote the beautiful piece (called a tone poem) “The Swan of Tuonela.” In Finlandic myth the black swan is the swan of death and he swims the river of the underworld (Tuonela). You can listen to The Swan of Tuonela here.

The photo is of the Sooke Pot Holes outside of Victoria on Vancouver Island.