Monochrome is magic

“What hurts you, blesses you. Darkness is
your candle. Your boundaries are your quest”– Rumi

Who would ever think that the absence of colour could tell such stories!

I have submitted On the Estuary for Leanne Cole’s Monochrome Madness this week

daisy dryad
a dryad among the seaside daisies

Niamh’s evening path , the clearing and Niamh herself are photos taken with an infra red camera and part of my (fairy) Tales of the Tuatha series

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  1. Peter Nena says:

    Cybele, you like gothic pictures. Whenever I visit your blog I must find at least one. I love them myself, thus never disappointed. Elated, even. There is a story in everything. Colour or no colour. Night or day.


    1. Truly I confess I love old graveyards, ruined castles, secret passageways and misty old bogs!! I’m glad you like them too!!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Amazing as ever, that photography of yours. I like Niamh’s cheeky, chubby little face peeping out of that picture.


    1. thanks Sarah!! I am enjoying monochrome and infra red these days. Oh, Niamh is a beautiful little girl. Those eyes!!
      I love taking photos of children too when I can.


  3. Robyn G says:

    On the Estuary is stunning Cybele as are all your images.
    Always inspiring!!


    1. Thanks Robyn. I do like that one too!!


  4. Mark Simms says:

    Lovely images Cybele….I especially like the one you entered, the light is magical on that one.


    1. thanks Mark. I like this one too!


  5. James Keegan says:

    Beautiful shots!


  6. Good choice for a MMC submission – all are beauties though.


    1. I appreciate that Robert!! Thanks!


  7. Wow! I’m sure glad I don’t have to decide between these photos! Absolutely over the top! 🙂


    1. thanks for the wonderful compliment Linda!


  8. benrowef64 says:

    A slight gothic feel to these images and it works well. Great shots.


    1. yes they do. I seem to incline that way in monochrome!! I love the atmosphere in many old b&w movies. thank you!!


  9. d3citypics says:

    These are terrific “mouse”. It’s a treat when a B&W image portrays more color than an actual color image, right.
    My fav is “evening path”. Cheers!


    1. thanks Dan! I love that one too.


  10. Alma Thadeau says:

    These are amazing! I love the eerie quality!


    1. thanks so much Alma!! Yes, I appear to have a gothic bend!! 🙂


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