Little splendours in the grass and marshland

Joyful sunshine every other day or so!!

It was warm enough to lie down here and watch the clouds skimming by overhead.

On a clear day!!


 An attempt at wildlife photography!!  Not my expertise, but while out walking by the beach I spotted a black Oystercatcher on the rocks in the cove and along the marsh pond an amorous blackbird singing on the edge of night who was  flying to and fro in the bulrushes in search of Mrs. Right.  There was even Mr. Rabbit who was not wearing a waistcoat or carrying a watch.(as per our Alice’s story to which I added his photo)


(I have a little trouble with the canon 55-250 mm f4 -f5.6 zoom lens  which was affordable to me but is often difficult to get good resolution- at least in my experience – or practice, practice!!)



11 Comments Add yours

  1. Lovely photos 🙂


  2. robert87004 says:

    Yes, we both know about that lens. 🙂


    1. oh yes!! glad I’m not the only one!! 🙂


  3. Mark Simms says:

    Yep…..wildlife photography is tough…’s one of those genre’s of photography where big, expensive lenses really do help…….and an ability for patience……lots and lots of patience.


    1. indeed!! I am not sure if I am that patient!!


  4. ♡eM says:

    The wildlife seem quite focused to me! Thanks for sharing such beautiful images. I have tried to capture wildlife with photography, and experienced zoom lens desire.


    1. thank you Em! It’s very challenging!!!


  5. Good job! Your images make it seem like you have been doing this for ever 🙂


    1. thanks so much Robert!! but truly I took many photos with the zoom lens and only a couple of them had an acceptable clarity to them. And of course animals don’t pose for any length of time so you must be quick. Arggh


      1. That is the nature of shooting. You never see all my rejects and there are plenty of klunkers.


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