Philosophical Wax

Days of Om and music

singing bowls and didgeridoos

and a little rain

Hummingbird in Flight Video

the om of my hummingbird visitor





 The dance

I love sunrise tai chi when we don’t have rain! During the year the sun appears to move along the eastern horizon  all the way over to Mt. Tolmie in Saanich and back again to the Esquimalt hills.

Mother earth not only spins day into night  but tilts and sways to and fro as she moves in her wonderful  elliptical ballet through solar winds and the curve of space. She dances to a music whose frequency our ears are not yet attuned.   I wonder if angels hear the sound of her whirling passage as a loud swoosh or a vibrating hum.

Om mane padme hum.


Two gifs I put together awhile back from photo frames. I still use an old program instead of Photoshop but will get the hang of photoshop animations soon I hope.