Tales of the Tuatha (Chapter 13 of the keep it sweet and short tales)

Beyond the dragon’s toll house


“oh black swan, tell me where oh where is my lover now”-Nina Simone


Niamh saw a dragon and tree intertwined. They seemed to be attached to the same clawed root.   ” You are far from the mound, Tuatha maid.” snarled the creature, “What do you seek?”  I seek a spring, replied Niamh, not wanting to tell him of her lost dreams.  “I require a toll,”  he hissed, “- and beware! The only path is through me.”

In the hollow cave of  his gnarled trunk she saw an underground river flowing toward a shining lagoon.  A black swan swam slowly at the entrance. An island appeared in the distance, and the raven circled, watching everything.


Black Swan sung by the amazing Nina Simone (1933-2003)


Sunset at the Royal Roads Lagoon is always spectacular with ducks, geese, mute swans, trumpeter and black swans swimming in the sheltered water  but, it will be a few days before I get out again.  Rain rain rain again falls on the west coast.


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  1. lizziegudkov says:

    This is such an interesting story! So rich! I especially like the alliterations used and the usage of the verb “hiss”. Perfect for this situation. Beautiful picture to illustrate and evoke strong feeling in the reader! Well done! 😀


    1. thanks so much for reading Lizzie. It’s ia fun process though I’m meandering a bit and letting my photos lead me here!!


  2. Shooting into the sun…very brave of you!


    1. yes, not a very good thing to do, more so for the human eye as for the sensor. But it was a beautiful reddish sunset and I took the chance, thinking it was a bit safer. I think I had a filter on the camera.


      1. It worked regardless.


  3. Mark Simms says:

    I’m interested in your creative process Cybele – do you fit the words to the image or vice versa? Also I’m assuming you spend quiet a few hours at your PC creating these images?


    1. Thanks for your question! Yes it’s often the photos I have taken that inspire the story details. And I often do spend a few hours at a time when I am in the throes of story process!! However, I usually have a bare bones tale drifting around in my head too waiting to be elaborated. Music can inspire. I use Photomatix (bracketed shots) and PS CS6.


  4. Robyn G says:

    Yes, what Laura said.
    So dreamy Cybele. Perfect. Words and the regal swan!


    1. Thanks so much Robyn! Swans are so evocative.


  5. lauramacky says:

    Dreamy as usual! I love the black swan!


    1. Laura you inspired me!! I had done some layering before with textures and this is actually one I did last year. After seeing yours in MM I want to experiment more with some of the sepia and layering effects!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. lauramacky says:

        I love textures. They work well with flowers and photos like the ones you do. I love your IR shots these days btw. That one in MM was really stunning and would make a lovely Xmas card.

        Liked by 1 person

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