Spellbound in the Spectrum

More island wanderings

(in infrared)

Meet me in that place of light and shadow.

I am strolling there,

Between dreams, and waking


And  I don’t forget my Canon that started me onto all this visual alchemy:

Hoofing it

ladies hoofing it








These does were as surprised to see me as I was them. They ran off into the woods. I used my zoom quickly and did not get a crisp photo, so I fear I won’t be a good wildlife photographer, but then I found this little spring!!

the spring

the spring

 (Near Shawnigan Lake on Vancouver Island.)

There have been cougar sightings so it “may” be more prudent to stick closer to home. It is advised to carry a big stick and shout loudly and don’t run!  Not that I ever panic!! 😀