Some scenes in infrared

More journeys and  walkabouts with my little  infrared camera.

Finally spring weather visits us on our cold wet island. It certainly lifts the spirits and ignites my zeal. I am an accomplished wanderer, sometimes the trail leads to something quite unexpected and amazing.  Sometimes  just the sight of sunlight illuminating a path is enough.  A quest always begins with a few deep breaths, a promise to stay in the moment,  and a double check of camera battery and sd card, not always in that order!   I set off where the spirit leads, and I don’t think I ever arrive!!

These were taken in the Juan de Fuca Park and at Shawnigan Lake, up island.  I have been experimenting both with a dedicated infrared point and click, and  settings and lenses on my Canon rebel, sometimes successfully and often times not.  The fun of post-processing often adds a  mood to some pieces where vision has exceeded  expertise.  It is such a learning process but the most important thing to me is the joy of discovery and the beauty of being out there!

the beauty of skunk cabbage
Lysichiton Americanus at sunset (beautiful, sunny, skunk cabbage)

I would half expect there to be little Buddhas or saints sitting inside the little hooded shrine of this marshland flower.



solitude in the shadows
solitude in the shadows

6 Comments Add yours

  1. sixpixx says:

    Beautiful shots, beautiful narratives.


  2. An infrared camera — now there’s something for my next birthday’s wish list, as if I don’t already have enough gadgets! Those photos are awesome.


  3. Cybele, The last time I tried to leave a comment it would not send. As always your posts are amazing and I look forward to more… +Robert Bellmore


  4. Very nice work. I know what you mean about exhilaration when the weather is cooperating and your camera and you are set to explore. All of which is on my agenda for Sunday.


    1. thank you Robert!! I’m learning ( albeit slowly! lol) Exploring is so much fun as you know!! I hope the weather is good where you are too!!


      1. Yes indeed – 70°F today and ditto for tomorrow with a few more clouds – great for IR shooting 🙂


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