Tales of The Tuatha (chapter 12 of the keep it sweet and short tales)

Old Dragon Toes

Niamh  floated upward toward the threshold. Was she sleeping still?  Her lost dreams needed to be recovered before she could return to the mound, and she still hadn’t found the sacred spring. Thoughts of Bran in his cold, wet grave tormented her. She was sure she had heard his voice but again, was it in her dream or in the Raven’s cry?  As she stepped into a familiar, yet very strange forest she caught a glimpse of Raven flying. She heard a  terrifying voice call out ” you shall not pass!!”  A  huge, scaly claw menaced the only path.


braving old dragon toes.jpg
Old Dragon Toes


A wonderful walk in the forest yesterday!!

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  1. lizziegudkov says:

    I like idea of hearing someone’s voice is the cry of (a) Raven! Beautifully written. Very evocative of an eerie yet magical feeling. 🙂


  2. sixpixx says:

    As a great fan of fantasy literature – including Game of Thrones and Tolkein, I LOVE your imagination and sense of fun. Great post. Thank you.


    1. yes!! someone else mentioned Game of Thrones! I don’t get that channel yet( pay per view) but I will! Thank you for visiting and your lovely comment.


  3. The Forest says:

    Well wow! I’m very glad you commented on my blog because it’s brought me to this magical place. Love the forest photos, the dragon’s toes, all of it.


    1. thanks so much!! I’m happy you came by too!!!


  4. I’d love to walk in that forest. It looks so ancient and peaceful.


    1. It really is ! thank you Sarah.


  5. Mark Simms says:

    This is very “Game of Thrones” and the photos look like an artists impression of a film set……great work 😊


    1. thank you!!! I have a vision!! I’m happy if others see it too. Can you believe I haven’t watched Game of Thrones! I am going to but I have to pay extra for that channel!! I am very big on history as well as Tolkien, old fairy tales and myth.


      1. Mark Simms says:

        Game of Thrones is superb…..it’s epic in scale, but with brilliant characters. It’s a fantasy but with a solid grounding in Medieval history. And boy does it have the ability to surprise and shock.


  6. Robyn G says:

    You have a wonderful imagination Cybele!
    Must go back to the beginning of your story 🙂
    Love those strange forest things, the dragons toes and especially the exquisite tiny dancer. Beautiful!


    1. It’s so easy to lose oneself in the woodland as you know!! I added one other photo to the gallery you might like. Thank you for your compliments!!


  7. When I read the story and glanced at the beautiful photo, I immediately saw the claws reaching out -the tree roots. The two connect well together. Thanks Cybele for sharing this.


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