More solitudes, Gateways and Paths

“If we shadows have offended,. Think but this, and all is mended—. That you have but slumbered here. While these visions did appear!”  A Midsummer Night’s Dream

As everyone probably has guessed I am quite fond of  dreamy images. Every photo here has a story behind it which to me is as important as the picture itself and if it doesn’t have a story I will suggest one.

if we shadows

the shadow poses for a shot ( infrared)

first full day of sun on the west coast!!


Shipwrecks and an old lighthouse, ancient stones, doors and gateways, paths and forests; all have a role in histories, legends and/or symbolism;

the lighthouse keeper,  ceremonies of the solstice in the North Sea ,  a mysterious gate and road leading into the woods, and old Treebeard,  the story teller of the forest.

All are tales waiting to be told. I hope to tell a few of my own in my travels.


Gateway to the Mayan City of Labna (600-900 AD)

The Mayans believed that gateways and doors were entrances to another dimension.  It was a spiritual preparation and undertaking to enter through them. Their entire lives were filled with sacred ritual. ( from my own Mayan journey in 2012)