Tales of the Tuatha – chapter 11 of the keep it sweet and short tales

The Raven Thief

the forest  road
the forest road

Niamh took the forest road, her pouch of dreams tucked safely inside her shirt. The afternoon’s light was already beginning to fade. She lay down in a meadow clearing and felt like the earth had upturned and the sky became as dark as a fathomless sea. Stars floated up from the depths and burst into an incandescent shimmer on the surface. Niamh was sure she could hear them singing and dreamed she was ascending through a deep well to the cloudy home of her ancestors.  Suddenly the raven thief called out.  Was he trying to speak? ……was it Bran!?


the meadow
the meadow




the sky well
the sky well



The Tuatha De Danann

 They were said to have arrived (in Ireland) from a cloud or mist. Where their home was originally  is a mystery – space aliens? :).  They of course had magical powers. Interestingly the early monks referred to them as the Tuatha De meaning children of God like the Israelites, so from early on, Irish mythology became mixed in or reinterpreted into Christian concepts.

My photos

are all experiments with my newly acquired  infrared camera using the magic of the channel mixer in photoshop and a few effects in creative license. These are all photos taken on Vancouver Island.

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  1. Wow, the images are amazing! I love the storyline too.


  2. So much of the Christianity’s concepts and symbolism originate from paganism. I love your re-telling of this mythological tale. Also, I love the way you manipulate your photos or capture things in a particular light that makes the scenes look truly magical.


    1. thanks for visiting Tir-na-nog Sarah!! Thank you for your comment!! Glad you like the photos and the little story!


  3. lauramacky says:

    Your images are so good! I really love seeing them. 🙂


    1. thanks Laura, I feel very complimented!!


  4. You’re talented with your camera Cybele. I thought the story was a lovely continuation and look forward to the next.


    1. thank you Michelle, I have fun with it all. Each little story is usually inspired by something seen and photographed. So far I’ve managed to keep the theme somewhat consistent though meandering!! 🙂 Not all who wander are lost!


  5. Nice images in this one.


    1. thanks Robert! All are my experiments with the infra red camera and colour!


      1. Yes, I though as much – good work!


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