Moods and Monochrome

Explorations in Monochrome with other artists and photographers

I always loved grainy old photos and the lives and moments of a time gone by that they capture. I watched and loved the 1935 film of Shakespeare’s Midsummer Night’s Dream by Max Rheinhardt;


Link to film

The cinematography is magical, the light and shadow perfectly ethereal for this enchanting play and production.

Black and white portraits are a favourite as well. When well done they seem to reveal the soul of the subject.

I will try to experiment more in this as time goes on.  I’ve been inspired by many of the bloggers here such as Leanne Cole, Laura Macky, Robert Marsala  (infraredrobert), and Cee Neuner.

Laura Macky


 Leanne Cole’s Princes Pier


Cee Neuner’s Dahlia

032614 ww black and white


and my own humble offerings


two are from my family archives, one (onboard)  which relates to a true short story  I wrote called

A Canticle for Meg”


and from my travels

stones of Brodgar, Orkneys