Tales of the Tuatha (chapter8 of the keep it sweet and short tales)

this is chapter 8 of my 100 word tales ( click on Tales of the Tuatha on sidebar for all)

The Raven’s Dream


Niamh could not bring herself to go down to the river. She was not ready for more memories.  She looked back and it seemed as though bridge and hillside were dissolving into the setting sun.  Was she still dreaming or under a deep enchantment?  As one of the Tuatha, she was sensitive to the touch of the veil between two worlds and to the messages brought on a bird’s wing or from a salmon calling in the sacred spring.

It was then she saw the tree. A raven suddenly perched, holding one of her shining dreams in it’s beak.




Birds and salmon figured prominently in Celtic mythology as did other animals. The raven was often associated with Morrigan, goddess of battle and strife. Morrigan appeared as a raven on the hero Cuchulainn’s shoulder at his death. They could also be providers of omens and oracles.  Salmon was said to impart poetic insight and magical powers.

(The bridge photo was taken in Scotland)